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Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

The many reasons as to why you should own a dog some of which are due to the positive impact owning a dog will have on your health. Having a dog around is really good for company and this is why most people know that dogs are months favorite companions. Explained in the paragraphs below are key advantages to your health that come with owning a dog.

One of the benefits that a person who owns a dog enjoys is an improvement in the health state of the heart. One of the key effect that owning a dog has to a person is strengthening their heart. There has been research that has linked lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, and decreased triglyceride levels in people who have canine companions. Such a person will be less prone to getting heart attacks and their cardiovascular health will improve. As if not enough, it has been noted that people who own dogs have better survival rates after heart attacks.

For a person owns a dog it has been noted that keeping fit and being active is more likely and this is another advantage of owning one. According to health experts it is recommended for adults to get around 150 minutes worth of exercise per week. Meeting this objective every week is less demanding for people who have dogs. Since it is required for them to take part in activities with their dog such as going out for walks they will be more susceptible to being active.

If you’d like to lose weight than it is recommended for you to get a dog. Some of the activities such as taking walks are essential for the dog and if you own one you need to take part in them. For most people this counts as a responsibility and not the exercise that it actually is. This gives you the motivation to take part in activities and the end result will manifest in the form of lost weight.

As people grow older it becomes increasingly harder for them to go out there and meet people. Fortunately, dog owners have to go through this since it is possible for them to improve their social life. According to research, dog owners interact with each other extensive improves the social life. The reason for this is that dog owners find it easy to talk with other dog owners. Another key advantage that will become available to you and you choose to own a dog is the reduction of stress. When you spend time with the dog you realize that signs of anxiety start to fade and other elements such as blood pressure drop. Levels of serotonin and dopamine increase when you spend time with the dog causing a calming effect.

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